Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Business is Essential to Restoration

One of the goals of the Opportunity Center is to help people start businesses that will locate in the Hyde Park area and employ the local residents. We have officially begun the process of small business incubation with two new businesses.

The first business is a Non-profit game design company. This game company will launch its first game design this month. The game will be made from nearly 100% repurposed materials and be made completely in the Opportunity Center. The game theme centers around trading coffee. It will come with a game board made from repurposed coffee bags. It will be available for pre-order at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival.

The second business will try to become a certified minority business. New City Design will offer custom design elements and event items. Many of the items made through New City Design will come from the Opportunity Center and thereby assist us in building the job training programs we have started.

For more information on these projects you can visit our Facebook page and then follow the link to their pages.