Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hyde Park Christmas Party 2011

Sun Ministries again participated in the Hyde Park Christmas Party. This was our third year of involvement, and we hope to continue to help out each year. The Alderman has been throwing the party for many years, each year inviting some of the impoverished families of the area. Plenty of food is offered, and toys and bikes are raffled off for the kids. This year, we brought pies, helped set up and decorate, served food, and helped families with young children get their plates filled.

This party is a great chance for our missionaries to be servants to the neighborhood. We also get to work side-by-side with other people active in the area. We distributed our first issue of 3rd Ward STL, a community newsletter we published at the beginning of December. One of our missionaries, Mark Goodwin, is incubating a photography business and took photos of the party, which he shared with the Alderman.

This coming year we hope to continue to expand our skills and product line, and to expand the ministry. Becoming a missionary and learning to pastor a community More missionaries are moving into the area, and we continue to make more connections throughout the city.

If you'd like to volunteer or donate to events like the Hyde Park Christmas Party, sign up as a volunteer or contact us.

To learn more about Mark Goodwin Photography, find him on facebook.