Saturday, December 1, 2012



It has been a long time since an update...mostly because we have been rather busy. Recently we had many friends and visitors in the Leadership Center helping out with all our work. One was the youth group from Ballwin Baptist Church. They came to the Leadership Center for their fall retreat. About 20 young men and women stayed overnight in our attic and spare couches. We shared teachings, testimonies and songs.

Youth leader Sam Tunnell (right) moves some cinder blocks
Youth leader Samuel Tunnell first met us three years ago as a student at Lindenwood University. He came with a group of students to help pick up trash. Now, as a youth leader, he's been bringing his youth group and friends down to volunteer in our work. They even helped us with the Hyde Park Festival.

They all arrived Friday evening. We hung out in the backyard around a fire and Dr. Terry Goodwin, our executive director, shared with them some teaching about spiritual disciplines. The next day, we all went over to the future Opportunity Garage, where they moved a massive amount of trash and did some tuckpointing.
Some kids remove staples from the used table tops that will go into the Sun Cafe

At lunch, some of our missionaries spoke about the importance of prayer in our work (prayer was their focus for this retreat), and then we went back to work for a few hours.  We also spoke to the kids about the opportunity to become an intern with Sun Ministries, and a few expressed interest.

We are grateful to receive so much help. Each time a group of workers comes through, it accelerates this work that God is doing. If you are interested in bringing a work group in, contact Mark Goodwin at