Saturday, March 5, 2016


Dr. Terry Goodwin and missionary Jason Calahan with a group of volunteers after a long day's work.
Sun Ministries has hosted many work groups over the years, and we hope to continue that. It helps us with the heavy lifting (there's plenty of that) and it allows other people to see what we're here. It's been our goal since the beginning to be sure to communicate to volunteers the meaning of their work with us. We don't want anyone going home thinking they moved some heavy stuff. This is why we intentionally make time to discuss the vision of Sun Ministries, and testify as to how God built this from nothing. Just seven years ago, He called a few people out of their fruitless lives and into the inner cities. From that, He's led us into starting 5 businesses, rehabbing 3 buildings (with 10 in the works), as well as bringing employment, opportunity, and stability to many people. When volunteers come, we want them to understand that they are joining in a work that God is doing, and that there is a spiritual impact to every bit of effort.

Did I mention there was heavy lifting?
 We have a unique advantage, because we have the ability to feed and house volunteer groups. We also have teaching that we provide that we feel is vital for understanding what God is doing here, as well as a group of musicians to play songs that coincide with our discussions. And because we are engaged in such a wide variety of work, we can utilize almost anyone, from unskilled to trained, certified professionals.
Dr. Terry Goodwin sharing some lessons of urban ministry before we get to work
Because we have clear goals for involving others in this work, we engage volunteers in one of four ways: 1) Planned Partnerships, 2) Scheduled work days, 3) Work groups, and 4) Utilizing skilled workers

Planned Partnerships
We want groups such as churches, colleges, or civic groups to interact with us. We understand that we are on the front lines of a very progressive and unique work that is addressing longstanding social problems. We are approached by many groups that want to come and see what is happening in Hyde Park. We want our interactions to be beneficial to both our work and your group. If you have a desire to come and work with us or learn from us, we require your group's leadership to attend a planning meeting with us. Together we can best work out an interaction that accomplishes our goals and benefits both groups.

Work Days
We host several work days throughout the year. Anyone over 18 is welcome to sign up and attend these work days. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Medical and liability release forms as well as a photo release is required of all work group participants. Scheduled dates will be on the website and facebook page. Sign up is by email ( or phone (636-544-2151).

Some volunteers clear debris from a rehab property
Work Groups
Our goal with hosting work groups is to help people understand the great work that God is doing in our midst. We can host work groups for one day up to multiple weeks. As part of hosting a work group, we include educational sessions in our day. Our staff will supply speakers, training, and music for your group. We supply meals from Sun Cafe at a reasonable cost. We will work out a trip plan as well as a lan to take home what you learn and apply it to your own community. We do not work with third party organizations that arrange trips for others. We only work directly with the leadership that is bringing the group. We have lodging facilities for up to 20 people.

Some professional bricklayers instruct our missionaries in brick repair
Skilled Workers
We have a great need for training and assistance in our work. If you are a person with a skill such as plumbing, electrical, construction, accounting, graphic design, etc., we need your help. Please contact our Executive Director, Dr. Terry M. Goodwin, and arrange to meet and discuss the many ways we can use your help at your convenience.

To volunteer with us, please inquire by phone or email. Call Terry at 636-544-2151. Stay connected through our facebook page.

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