Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sun Ministries Missionaries

Sun Ministries is rewriting the book on urban ministry. We are setting a new paradigm that will impact the way the church lives and works in the USA. We are looking for like-minded people that feel called to minister with their whole lives in the most devastated and hurting areas of our country.

Requirements - You must be done with church as usual. We are not planting churches - we are expanding the church that Jesus planted on the Day of Pentecost, This is a work of Reformation. We strive to live by the Book. You can learn more about our philosophy of ministry by downloading and reading the free E-book, Disciple Driven Church - The Coming Reformation

If after reading this book, your heart resonates with our call to reformation and you have had a personal encounter with the risen Lord, we want to talk. We do not require degrees or time at a paid position that counts as ministry experience. We want people who know the Lord and want to use their skills to rebuild the ancient ruins and their spiritual gifts to rebuild destroyed lives, This is outlined in Isaiah 61.

The application process is one of exploring God's call on your life. Start at and The application process will require you to visit the ministry in St. Louis Missouri. This is where you will be located if you are chosen. Sun Ministries pays all basic living expenses, food, housing, utilities, phone, vehicle, etc... You may raise support for debt, retirement, health care insurance and discretionary spending. We will help you with the process.

Our missionaries all live in the neighborhood where we have been called. We operate 5 businesses that provide for our basic living expenses and for us to hire the homeless, formerly addicted or incarcerated. Our future plans are to expand to many other major cities in the US. St. Louis is the training ground for all future work. The position requires you to relocate to our neighborhood. This work requires you to live your faith in the streets every day. It requires a surrendered life and modest lifestyle. Singles, couples and families are welcome to apply. We are building a Christian Faith Community in the midst of desolation.

After reviewing our information, you can send an inquiry email to to start the process. Do not send the Email until you have read the book and reviewed the web sites. If you include a phone number I will call you back to talk.  

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Leading with Love

Unconditional love requires us to sacrifice our lives and give up control. Jesus modelled this for us as He asked for the forgiveness of those who tortured and killed Him. He went around preaching and meeting the needs of the people through healing, provision and care. Today as followers of Christ we have been conditioned to preach Law and not unconditional love. Many don't realize this.

When we seek a certain response to the Gospel we add conditions to our love. We do this when we ask others to make professions, attend classes, come to our church or other such things in order to complete the requirements of our Gospel. Many have just created a new Law to follow in order to show others they believe in Jesus. I am discovering that the Good News will take care of itself when unconditional love leads the way. We do not need to add requirements to the Gospel. God is the one that calls and completes His work in people. All of us are incomplete in that regard.

My Gospel must be firmly rooted in what Jesus did for me. As it says in 2 Corinthians 8:9 - For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich.

This Gospel of unconditional love is what changed my life. This is what compelled me to leave the life I had built and do what I now do every day. I am so compelled by the unconditional love and sacrifice of Jesus that I must follow in His foot steps. I must give up what I had in order to go to those who had little that they might know Him and through Him become rich. Some will accept this Good News and others will reject it. It is not up to me what you do with the unconditional love of Jesus. It is up to me to offer it sacrificially and unconditionally.

Dr. Terry M. Goodwin