Friday, November 25, 2011

Educate, Empower and Inspire

We have recently embarked on a new venture in our efforts to rebuild the inner city of North St. Louis. We have launched a neighborhood newspaper called the 3rd Ward STL. This newspaper will bring information to the community that is targeted to our community. It will be a medium of communicating all the positive things going on in and around the neighborhood.

So why did we name it the 3rd Ward STL? It may sound like a political paper but it is not. As a Non-Profit 501(c)3 we cannot take part in political promotion. The reason we chose the name and the service area is simple. The political ward boundaries in the city of St. Louis are a huge determining factor in how things get done in our city. From the influence of the Alderman to the distribution of certain types of government funding, all are determined by ward boundaries.

One thing this means for us is that we are preparing to expand our service and target area. The majority of the 3rd Ward was in our original target zone. We now have 9 missionaries living in Hyde Park. We have one property and another coming soon. Once the Leadership Center is operational along with the Opportunity Center we will be ready to accelerate our work.

This new newspaper will help us to communicate the change that is happening. It will also help us to promote new businesses that launch in our incubator. Please take a minute and visit the online version of this newsletter. Click Here