Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Planting Churches without Church Planting

The modern approach to church planting is directed at producing an institution or another branch of an existing institution. People plan, organize, hire and fund an effort that, if successful, will result in an institutional church structure that can sustain its own cost of existence. This is not what we do at Sun Ministries. Sun Ministries exists to facilitate the planting of churches we call faith communities. We do not do this by planting churches or creating institutions.

Sun Ministries plants “churches” by making disciples and teaching them to make disciples. As these disciples gather together they naturally form a church. Isn't that really the church? The church is a gathering of disciples. It is “Ekklesia” in the Greek. As the disciples gather together they are taught how to function as the church as outlined in Scripture. They are taught biblical teachings on leadership, spiritual gifts, baptism and communion, etc ...

Sun Ministries then uses its resources to help the local church rebuild the inner city. We resource housing, businesses, vehicles and training. We help supply a wide variety of things to the work of caring for the local community. We are not a church. We do not run or oversee the churches we “plant” We offer training, leadership, resources and a connection to other churches. We continue our efforts to make new disciples and gather them into new churches.

We have made much of our basic training available for free at www.discipledrivenchurch.org We have established The Church@HydeParkand are empowering it to minister in its local community. If you would like to learn more or connect with our work in any way just email me – terry@sunministries.org