Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trying to Keep Up

Here are a few of the latest developments. I will post more details soon.

We have partnered with The Vine on Lindenwood Campus. They have sent volunteers to help us work in Hyde Park and we will be scheduling an awareness event on Campus soon.

We have been asked to assist with boarding up vacant properties in the area. We will be cutting and decorating plywood for the windows and then our volunteer crews will install them. With over 900 vacant properties in Hyde Park we can see what a visual impact this will make.

Campus Crusade for Christ has offered to let us share the vision of the Isaiah 61 Initiative with their groups. We will be working out the details of that effort in the coming weeks.

We are getting ready to launch Show Me Compassion. This effort will raise resources for the poor and single parents in Hyde Park. The uniqueness of this effort will be that the resources will be delivered to people in need by people that work in the area on a regular basis. The goal is to help these people break the cycle of poverty by making a plan, working the plan, and assisting with resources to break the grip of poverty. There is no better place for your charitable giving this year than with Sun Ministries and Show Me Compassion.

We have been offered a purchase option on the Opportunity Center building. We will be completing that contract and hope to begin clean up and stabilization work soon.

Here are some of the works in progress that we hope to have firmed up soon.

We are organizing an event in Hyde Park where a group of Christian astronomers will present the God of creation and teach the neighborhood kids about the universe. We hope to include the Guardian Angels and offer refreshments to the residents.

We will be joining the Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. in collecting donations of Bikes for kids in the neighborhood. The bikes will be given away to kids in need at the Hyde Park Christmas Party. About half the residents of Hyde Park live below the poverty line. Last year they collected and gave out 60 bikes. We hope to help them reach 100 this year.

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