Thursday, March 11, 2010

Work Turns from Removing Debris to Repair

Our work on the new home of Sun Ministries turned to repair this week. After weeks of cleaning and removing equipment and debris, we were able to get our inspections and start the process of obtaining an occupancy permit. We were pleased by the outcome of the inspections. No surprises were revealed and all of the needed repairs were minor in scope. We started by painting window frames and trim because we were blessed with a sunny and warm spring day this week.

This is a picture of the building before the work. and here is a picture after the paint.

We still need to paint the upper windows do some tuckpointing and replace the guttering. After that the work moves inside.

Our thanks to Jason Calahan who worked off the 40 foot ladder for the first time. A special thanks to Roger Garrett for letting us borrow his ladder.

In a great display of teamwork, Mark Goodwin and Ralph Bradshaw tackled the windows on the alley side of the building. Mark worked up high and Ralph got the lower sections.

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