Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Urban Gardening

We've started gardening!!!


Because we look at the community as a whole, and try to minister on all levels. We call this pastoring the community. We try to come along side people and minister to every need.

So, this year we are taking on three gardens that have not been producing, and don't have the manpower to manage. One at Clay Elementary School, one at Most Holy Trinity Church and Academy, and one that was managed by the Friedens Neighborhood Foundation, which is directly across the street from the Opportunity Center. Two of the gardens are in very bad shape, and will certainly be an adventure to restore. Gateway Greening has helped us make these connections, and provided the free Growing Gardeners class which two of our missionaries attended. They also provide us with free seedlings, seeds, compost, and mulch.

We hope to sell the produce from the gardens. The money used from the sale of the produce will help us employ youth in the area under an agricultural work permit. The money will also help us fund the gardening project that is truly on our hearts, and that is to come along side individuals and families, help them to get a garden lease on a city-owned lot, and teach them about gardening from planning to table, and perhaps to market. This beautifies the neighborhood, helps them get fresh, healthy food, and could help them get additional income. Bethlehem Lutheran is starting a charter school and wants to buy our produce. A few other entities have also expressed interest.

We are very excited about this venture, as God has already used it to unite groups in the community. It is resurrecting what was dead and neglected, and provides an educational space for schools and for us.

If you are interested in coming out into the garden with us, you can contact Jason at jason@sunministries.org

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