Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sun Roast Coffee Launches!

We are ready to embark on the next phase of the Isaiah 61 Initiative. Since the inception of the vision we have known that we would need a public place to display products from the Opportunity Center. This space would act as a retail incubator for those we work to empower.

A retail incubator would be a difficult concept to have as a stand alone that would produce enough revenue to sustain itself. Our concept from the beginning has been to combine the retail incubator with a cafe. The cafe would serve coffee, ice cream and full meals. The revenue from the cafe would help offset the cost of the retail space. It would also give us a commercial kitchen to provide opportunity and training to the community.

Once in place, this space would unlock potential in the community unlike any other endevour we have seen. It will allow us to train residents, help them design and produce a product, and give them exposure to their product. When this space is combined with the power of the existing Opportunity Center facilities we believe there will be an unleashing of new income opportunities in our impoverished area.

We know we have a big project ahead of us. Our missionaries are already in place to run the operation. We have ServeSafe® Certified staff, an experienced barrista, several with kitchen and deli experience, and years of business management experience. What we need to do next is raise the money to start the project.

We feel that every great coffee shop must start with great coffee. So starting today we offer you Sun Roast Coffee and we begin with Hyde Park Blend. The proceeds from the coffee sales will help us establish the Sun Cafe & Market. We plan to open in late spring of 2012. Our location has not been set so we don't have a full cost of the project yet. We plan to finance the start up through donations, product sales, and grants. You can help us by purchasing rpoducts or making donations.

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