Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Leadership Center

The Leadership Center is a place where Sun Ministries' missionary recruits and candidates stay while deciding if they are called to this work. It will serve as temporary housing for those who are relocating to the area to join our work.

Missionary Recruits are those who have heard of our work and are exploring it further. They may only stay for a day or a weekend. Candidates have answered the call to be a full time missionary and will stay here with us while permanent housing is prepared for them. The Leadership Center serves as the permanent housing for the Executive Director and his family.

This house is an essential part of the plan God laid out for us in 2009. It was there from the beginning. God provided it for us in December of 2011. We completed it 2 weeks ago and it is already fully occupied.

As we begin to move the current candidates into permanent housing we are sure God will keep the Leadership Center full of new missionaries.

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