Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Missionary Spotlight

We are Mark and Jessica Sanford. We moved to Hyde Park as missionaries in September of 2011. Mark is currently in transition from full time employment to work as a full time missionary. Jessica is the supervisor of the sewing center in the Opportunity Center. We were married in 2009, after God brought us together through a pretty radical and unconventional love story, and we set forth together to follow the call that God has placed on our lives-- a call of reformation to reform the inner cities of America, the Church of America, and the arts as an expression of honesty, sincerity, and God's glory . Both of us are involved in Reformation Sound (a band formed from the missionaries of Sun Ministries), and Jessica is currently writing a novel, Unvoiced.

We have been placed here, now, as stewards of God's grace and the gifts He has given to us. This means following the commands of Christ, pursuing a life of true religion (helping the widows and orphans in their distress, and remaining unstained by the world), and doing our part to bring God's Kingdom to Hyde Park.

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