Friday, July 6, 2018

Who are the Dones

The “Dones” is a label given to one of the fastest growing religious groups in America. The term applies to people that have left the institutional forms of church after years of involvement. The “Dones” are, quite simply, done with church but not with God.

I am a “Done” by that definition. I was raised outside the religious system of America. After accepting Christ at 13, I tried to fit into the church system that was presented to me. I pursued religious education reaching a Ph.D in theology. I was ordained by a mainstream denomination and was selected to a district level leadership position. The more I learned, the more I began to question the practices and systems that I could not find supported in Scripture.

In 2008 I resigned my positions in the denomination, turned over my ordination and moved my family to one of the most devastated areas in North St. Louis. Many thought that when I left the church that I was leaving God. In fact, I met Jesus outside the camp and embarked on a learning journey with Him. I now feel called to help others on that journey by sharing my spiritual gifts and experiences freely with others.

There are Many “Dones” in America today. Some estimates put the number at over 30 million with multiple millions joining them each year. There are some important things to consider about this movement.
  1. God has a design for His church. Just because we left the institution does not mean we don't need each other. The “Dones” need to connect in order to be the church that God designed.
  2. It is important for those that remain in the institution to understand the “Dones”. There are many misconceptions about us.
With these two things in mind we have decided to form a group where “Dones” can connect and those in the institution can meet us and gain understanding. Me and a few others have embarked on this attempt to bridge the gap, foster unity and help to unite God's children. We encourage you to participate. Use this link to join the Meetup group and register to attend a Meetup of the “Dones”.

he "Dones" Group Click Here

We look forward to having you join us. This is a time of great change in American Christianity. God is doing something big and we are all a part of it.

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