Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Mission Store

I was sitting with some friends about 6 years ago talking about current trends and issues in the world. I brought up the micro-loan concept that was being used by missionaries in third world countries. The concept was to make small loans that would help to improve a family's quality of life. A fifty dollar loan could help a family break free from desperate poverty.

The idea of poverty as a tool of Satan was new to me at the time. I see how our enemy deceives people and how the greed of the powerful often oppresses the poor and the helpless. Poverty can become a snare that holds people in lifestyles that produce generational impacts.

I decided at that time that I would use my business experience to join with ministries that were helping people first get set free from the bondage of sin and then from the snare of poverty. Here we are six years later and the Mission Store is taking shape.

We have now partnered with three ministries that are working in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Thailand to help widows and former prostitutes to escape the bonds of poverty. We import the products made by the people the ministries serve. This has immediate impact. The money from the products we purchase goes directly to the person who made the product. We then sell the products here in America which expands their market allowing them to sell more goods. We take 10% of the proceeds and send it back to the ministry and use the remaining funds to help widows, orphans and homeless families right here in America.

We are in the process of placing a few items on the web for purchase this Christmas season. If you are looking for a unique gift with a purpose and an impact then visit the Mission Store. Your purchase will change a life.

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