Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Imagine a Ministry

Sun Ministries is working from a visionary directive. Everything we do is led by a vision to build a ministry that will have the ability to address the issues facing individuals in society today. First and foremost, we believe that Jesus is the solution to every problem that faces mankind. Without Christ at the center of everything we do, we would have no hope to offer to anyone. With Christ as our hope we are empowered to go and tackle the toughest problems we see in society today. That is why we are, above all else, a missionary organization. We work through people that have Christ at the center of their lives.

We also see and understand that there are real problems that have real physical needs that must be addressed in order to empower others and bring them hope. We see God combining both of these together in a vision to bring hope, comfort, blessing, and empowerment to the area where He has called us to live.

We have had as our vision a complete resource for missionaries to work through. It includes several key components. We need opportunity for people to grow and gain job skills or start a small business. This is done through the Opportunity Center. We need a place to train missionaries and house them in transition. We call this the Leadership Center. We need housing for the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless. We call this the Narrow Gate. Two of these tools are up and operating and the Narrow Gate will come online this summer.

The rest of the plan includes a garage for automotive needs, appliance repair and recycling, housing rehab, small business development and artistic development. All of these projects are in the works. Once the pieces of the plan are in place and functioning we will have a unique ability as a ministry. We will be able to recruit, train and relocate missionaries to our area. We will be able to work with the neediest people because we will have the ability to take someone off the streets and house them, feed them, train them, and provide them with transportation, a home, furnishings, appliances, clothing, and a job. All of this will be done in a one-on-one approach that addresses the whole person and their needs. It will all be done with Christ at the center of our motivation.

Many parts of this plan are in place and others are coming soon. You can help us build this ministry through donations of money, building materials, autos, or household goods. You can be a part of this ministry as a missionary if you feel called to the work. In a very short time you will begin to hear about how these other parts of the ministry are coming together. Stay tuned.

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