Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate is our plan for addressing the needs of the homeless or those at risk of homelessness. We will take title to a 5 unit apartment building in early June. We will immediately begin the work needed to rehab this building. One of our trained ministry couples will become the host couple in this complex. They will keep watch over the building and be the first point of contact for anyone entering this project.

The Narrow Gate home will be a place where we can house individuals or families that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We will house them in trade for their labor and participation in the Narrow Gate Project. Our trained missionaries will come alongside the people in the project and help them through a variety of issues that may be keeping them on the streets or facing homelessness. These may include any or all of the following.

 Spiritual Health
Each participant must profess Christ as their personal savior and agree to submit to discipleship and seek freedom from sinful behavior.

 Remedial Education
Each participant must agree to seek his or her G.E.D. or equivalent. In some situations they may be required to enroll in college or technical training to improve their earning potential.

 Financial Training
Each participant must agree to have a financial counselor during their stay and make all financial decisions with the consent of this person.

 Job Training
Depending on the individual this may include interviewing, resume writing, computer skills, etc… 

 Social Skills
Included in this training will be courses in manners and communication skills. These may include public speaking, conflict resolution, and interaction assessment and training.

This building is just one of many tools our missionaries will have to work with as they seek to reach the lost and restore the inner city. The Narrow Gate participants will have every opportunity to have their lives restored and be placed in permanent housing. As a person progresses through the Narrow Gate we will seek to rehab a home for them and move them from being a Narrow Gate resident to being a home owner in the neighborhood.

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